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      EAST SUSSEX           &           Skip to main content whole woman village forum change the posture, change the prolapse main menu home store prolapse info hysterectomy blog resources faqs ww teachers teacher training hips info contact us you are here home â» forums â» pregancy and prolapse search form search user login username * password * create new account request new password navigation read this first visit the whole woman store now forums recent posts who's online there are currently 0 users online. Active forum topics neurogenic bladder my hiccup question julie wiebe pt rectocele.... viagra for sale buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra online Premature menopause, natural remedies more who's new lumina81 wintersun anxious flyingnan63 dreambig recent comments cause?  3 hours 22 min ago hormones 3 hours 45 min ago ausy, stop wishing and just 5 hours 6 min ago hormones 5 hours 29 min ago great idea louise 6 hours 57 min ago hormones, meno, prolapse 7 hours 5 min ago blue sky.... A word of advice 8 hours 24 min ago it's all baby steps, beeggirl 12 hours 20 min ago posture and exercise 12 hours 24 min ago return of function 12 hours 31 min ago rectocele and cystocele pregnancy?? Submitted by angelmama on august 11, 2009 - 5:13pm body:  so i'm turing 26 soon, have 2 children and i was wondering how pregnancy after developing rectocele and cystocele 3rd degree is? You can get pregnant when it's that bad right? Also should you wait after surgery to get pregnant again? Will it polapse again? I want some advice because i still want to have more children. I'm 6 weeks pp currently & am scared of surgery, but don't want it to get worse. I was told i will probably need surgery in 1yr. I'm also wondering if next pregnancy birth will have to be c-section or if i can have vaginal birth? Will the prolapse get worse from either or & does it matter if it's post or pre-surgery child birth? Log in or register to post comments alemama august 12, 2009 - 7:48am permalink pregnancy after prolapse yes you can get pregnant with prolapse. Yes you can carry the baby full term and have a vaginal birth. No you won't have to have surgery and you certainly won't want to be pregnant or giv. NEW FOREST










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